A Definitive Guide to Studying in Turkey
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Study Hotel Management in Turkey

and offering many opportunuties for present and the future.

Turkey is the World 6th most popular tourism country

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About Turkey

and offering many opportunuties for present and the future.

Turkey is a country located at the heart of the World

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Even though many students come Turkey for the high quality education

the academic life is only part of what you will experience

during your time in Turkey

Student Life

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Why Study in Turkey?

There are a number of reasons that you should consider studying in Turkey.

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Now that you’ve decided where you are going to study in Turkey

There are few other things that you have to start doing to

prepare for your time here

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Undergraduate Studies

The way that the undergraduate degree programs are organized in Turkey

is based on the way that the United Kingdom has their university systems set up

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One of the important things to consider when studying in Turkey; which is a country that has much lower life costs comparing the other developed countries - is how much money that you need to have in order to be comfortable.

  • turkey health and medical treatment

    Health and Medical Treatment

      Turkish health sector is very much developed as many people from all over the world comes to Turkey for health tourism, for surgeries and medical operations. Istanbul is called the “health center” of Middle East and most of Asia. In Turkey, there is a system called “general health insurance” which is obligatory and includes
  • student resized

    Student Life

        Many students prefer to study in Turkey because of the quality of higher education; and also quality education in good values; it is only a part of what Turkey can offer to a foreign student. Student life is fun in Turkey, especially in bigger cities, but students in small cities can enjoy their
  • turkey money nad banking

    Money & Banking

      Considering that you are planning to apply to a Turkish university; or already have decided to study in Turkey, you would like to understand the currency of Turkey and also banking system. The official currency of Republic of Turkey is “Turkish Lira”, or TL in short. Turkish lira symbolized as  . As of February 2015, 1
  • sports free time turkey resized

    Sports & Free Time

      We know that you are coming to Turkey for quality education, for study; but you need to ensure that you are going to take advantage of all the great things in Turkey. Turkey is a lively, dynamic country and has very much to offer you in terms of sports, outdoor activities and also other
  • turkey work and study

    Working While Studying

        If you are either a prospective student who will be studying in Turkey or a current student who is studying in Turkey; it is quite possible that you wonder whether you can work legally while you are studying in Turkey. Many international students are willing to work while studying for a number of reason,
  • accommodation in turkey resized


      It goes without saying that where you stay is important. In Turkey, almost all of the universities offer campus accommodation where student can stay in university dorms or other facilities in the university campus. Foreign students can also prefer to stay on – campus accommodations. On campus dorms are generally cheaper than other types
  • cost of living in turkey resized

    Cost of Living

      Essentially one of the most significant things to consider while studying abroad is how much money that you should have to be safe. Here is a quick guide for you to understand better the life costs in Turkey. -Accommodation- Accommodation costs are low in Turkey, especially in small cities. But, even in the big cities
  • your final checklist for turkey resized

    Your Final Checklist

      Suppose that you have already applied to a Turkish university and accepted, got your student visa and bought your flight ticket to Turkey. You are only one week away from start your university life in Turkey. But, are you really 100% ready? Is there anything missing? Is there anything you need to double check
  • health insurance in turkey resized

    Health Insurance

      In Turkey; health insurance is governed by Ministry of Health obligatory and anyone living in the country is subject to it. This includes the foreigners; in this case foreign students; who have a valid visa and a valid residence permit. In Turkey, there is a system called “general health insurance” which is obligatory and
  • how to apply to turkish universities resized

    How to Apply?

      Applying to university in Turkey is simple, still it takes time and just like any other official application process requires some legwork. You have to deal with the official application, visa process and supply the entry requirements. Other than that, it is a piece of cake. Please always keep in the mind that Turkey
  • recognition of certificates turkey resized

    Recognition of Your Certificates

        It is a typical problem that students ask around when they are looking for universities in foreign countries; in this case Turkey. Will the university that I am going to apply to accept the work I have done in my country; such as high school diploma, a BA degree or a MA degree.
  • english courses in turkey resized

    English Courses

      English courses in Turkey for foreign students who want to improve their English skills.   – This page is currently being updated. Please check back later. -
  • turkey scholarships resized


      In Turkey, all the private universities are non-profit universities, foundation universities, according to the regulations of Turkish Government and Turkish Council of Higher Education. Those foundation universities offers great scholarship opportunuties for bright students; no matter they are foreign students or Turkish students. Every year more and more foreign student choose to study in
  • turkey education costs resized

    Education Costs

        If you are interested in applying to Turkish university, here are some figures for you to consider. You will easily see that; in Turkey tuition fees are relatively low comparing to other developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom or Canada or most of the other countries that has same level of education
  • about turkey

    About Turkey

      Turkey (officialy; Republic of Turkey) is a country located between Europe and Asia continents. In fact, Turkey is the only country in the world spread to two continents, with sreading Asia and Europe. As a developed; yet still one of the fastest growing countries in the World, Turkey offers many opportunuties to foreign students
  • turkey visa requirement

    Visas and Entry Requirements

      All the students who want to study in Turkey are subject to student visa without exception. All types of passport holders; diplomatic, service, special and official; are subject to student visa. Student visa can be obtained from the nearest Turkish consulate or Turkish embassy. Please keep in the mind that; your passport should be
  • turkish universities

    Universities and Higher Education

      As of 2015, there are 184 universities in Turkey. 111 of those universities are state universities and 73 of them are private (foundation) universities. Of those 111 state universities, six are technical universities, two are technology institutes, two are fine arts universities. There are also seven two – year vocational schools, four military academies
What is the uniqueness of Turkey? Turkish uniqueness is just the opposite, the geographical continuity. Not the discontinuity; Turkey is right at the center of Afro-Euro-Asia, having multidimensional characters of geopolitics. Turkey is a European country, an Asian country, a Middle Eastern country, Balkan country, Caucasian country, neighbor to Africa, Black Sea country, Caspian Sea, all these. And, Turkey is a combination of all these. – Ahmet DAVUTOGLU, Prime Minister of Turkey